Drugs are any substance that, when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin, or dissolved under the tongue causes a temporary physiological change in the body. Using drugs without the assistance of a doctor or other medical professional — can be dangerous. “Potential risks of self-medication practices include incorrect self-diagnosis, delays in seeking medical advice … incorrect dosage, incorrect choice of therapy, masking of a severe disease, and risk of dependence and abuse,” wrote the authors of a 2010 article published in the journal Current Drug Safety.

Because of these risks, doctors strongly advise against the unregulated use of illicit drugs, which can do more harm than good. Nonetheless, medical researchers continue to find a surprising number of health benefits in drugs widely used for recreational purposes.

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By this blog we are not encouraging or promoting any drug consumption or usage. Always remember Drug consumption can cause you death and can also lead you in a long time depression.

Lets now begin with the list of drugs and their benefits on health.

5. Magic Mushroom Drugs.

top 5 health benefits of part drugs

Magic mushrooms are commonly also known as Psilocybin. They come from Hallucinogens family. they look like normal mushrooms and are of many different types. Magic mushrooms are eaten fresh or also cooked and if they are in the dried form then is smoked or mixed with tobacco. The effects of Magic Mushroom drugs are, when taken an individual may experience Euphoria, a change in mood, fast heartbeats and increased body temperature. Overdose may worsen an individual’s health that can lead him to coma.

Now the question is if this drug has so many side effects how can this be a beneficial substance for our body?

During research in USA, It was found that if psilocybin is taken in a small amount it can relieve the symptoms of cluster headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. It was also found that the drug slower down the activity or functioning in the centre brain which are hyperactive in people with depression.

4. Ecstasy (MDMA) Drugs.

top 5 health benefits of party drugs

Ecstasy is the name given to methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). It is not necessary that Ecstasy always contain just MDMA, many times it has been observed that ecstasy pills are mixed with caffeine, aspirin, and ketamine which is an anesthetic agent. It lets an individual hallucinate and people take it by snorting, or smoking or by injecting crushed tablets. Side effects of this kind of drugs are poor concentration, insomnia, anxiety, increased pulse rate or temprature, hot and cold flushes and dry mouth

The same psychoactive properties that make ecstasy so popular with partygoers may also make it useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Many other researchers have also included statements like it contains robust anticancer properties and ecsatsy can kill cancer 100 times faster than the original MDMA. Although this research can not be fully relied and doctors are still working to know more about ecstasy.

3. Cocaine Drugs

top 5 health benefits of party drugs

Cocaine is a stimulant drug which comes from the leaves of coca plant. These days cocaine is considered as the most popular drug and the smuggling cases of these drugs are increasing with a precedent rate. If cocaine is a stimulant drug then it is for sure that it directly affects the functioning of central nervous system. It increases alertness and reduces the fatigue in an individuals body. This can affect you on a very serious note and it increases the risk of strokes.

The best benefit that cocaine provdes human is that it can be used as an anesthetic during surgeries as these drugs have some wondering rapidly acting numbing properties. As doctors day this drug has some  effective vasoconstrictor so it can help patients with minor skin lacerations.

2. LSD Drugs.

top 5 health benefits of party drugs

Lysergic acid diethylamide is also known as LSD. These are very common in parties nowadays. Even small intakes changes an individuals perception, mood, thought, etc. It is advised not to take large doses of these drugs as it may create visual hallucination and distortion of space and time. Lsd’s are generally swallowed but it can also be smoked, injected,and sniffed. It’s effects starts from 30 to 45 minutes after the consumption and it may last upto 6-12 hours. It lets people see and hear things that are not there, it also increases the temperature and crushes the coordination between the mind and the body, which makes it difficult for a person to concentrate.

Lsd may have a lot of side effects but recent studies prove that it helps in potentially treating alcoholism and LSD prevents alcoholics from relapsing during their treatment. Many people said that they gained new inspiration and appreciation for their alcohol problem and have already got new motivation about how to address this problem.

1. Marijuana 

top 5 health benefits of party drugs

Parties are incomplete without Marijuana. Marijuana are calmative kind of drugs which calms down the message between your brain and body. The main and active component which is found in marijuana is THC. Marijuana is also called as weed or ganja. After smoking weed the effects can be experienced very immediately. It makes a person feel relaxed and sleepy, it can cause you a blurred vision or bloodshot eyes and maybe in a long term it can become a severe cause for your memory loss.

The drug has been shown through years of scientific research to relieve chronic pain, prevents PTSD, control nausea, helps with AIDS wasting syndrome, prevents from the symptoms of Crohn,s disease.

We would again like to advise you regular or very frequent consumption of Drugs will take you closer to your death bed. As we close with this blog we would like to state that we are not promoting the consumption of drugs in anyway. Stay safe stay happy, afterall you have got just one life to live. LIVE LIFE LIKE A KING. Tell us more about your opinion in the comment box and if you want us to write about anything drop a comment, we would love to write according to our readers.

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