Black pepper is a dried flowering vine which is used as spice in several food items. Black pepper is also known as Kali Mirch, Pepper corns, piper nigrum, and piperine. Many claim piperine to be not a very good taste wise. However, if we ignore the taste of Black pepper this spice can really contribute a lot towards your health. Compare it with any other spice, black pepper stands out as the most beneficial spices amongst all. It has several antibacterial, antioxidant, and other immune boosting properties which we will be discussing later in the blog. Without any further due lets see what all benefits do black pepper have.

5.  Black Pepper helps in relieves Cold and Cough.

top 5 benefits of black pepper

Black pepper has been used since ancient time period. This is one of the oldest medicines that s being used to cure Cough and Cold. Piperine actually helps in blood circulation and also the mucous flow. Honey is known to be one natural medicine for cough and, when mixed with pepper the combination can be very effective in curing cough.

A study conducted in Trindad revealed that, black pepper relieved the symptoms of Asthma. The patient was being served with a very small amount of piperine in his/her food. After few weeks the patient himself stated that he was able to experience  the difference. pepper corn clears the respiratory path and clear up the blockage.

4. Helps in Quitting Smoking habits.

What? Is it really true? This is a single fact which is known by a very few people. The fact came into spotlight, only after a research conducted in USA. It was a very simple experiment the cigarette smokers had to inhale the vapors of black pepper. The results after 2 months were quite astonishing. Almost all smokers felt a reduction in craving for cigarettes.

3. Black Pepper improves digestion.

top 5 benefits of black pepper

Woow is the word we would like to use here for peppercorns. This holds true when you consume black pepper, especially with a meal, which might enhance your body’s ability break down and digest food. Research has shown that black pepper has a positive effect on pancreatic enzymes too, benefiting the overall digestive process. It can also help in curing gas problems. A you need to do is replace red chilli with black pepper. I know that most of the people were already aware of this fact but it is one property which is very common when we talk about black pepper.

2. Black Pepper lowers blood pressure and reduces weight.

top 5 benefits of black pepper

Studies have shown that there’s a compound present in peppercorn which slower down the rate of fat cell’s formation. It can take you one step closer to your weight loss goal. A single teaspoon of black pepper contains only about 8 calories. for all boiled chicken you can just sprinkle black pepper and squeeze half of a lemon and  you enjoy your boiled chicken, which could be a total transformation in your daily boring eating schedule. Try this recipe and enjoy. One more amazing property which peppercorn has is it can help in lowering the blood pressure in your body. Blood pressure increases due to common reasons like tension, anxiety, etc. Oral intake of pepper can help you to keep your blood pressure normal. Even a Slovakian study confirms the above statement. Although this has not been proved on a universal stage, but researchers are are working hard to get to a conclusion and reason behind the phenomenon.

1. It prevents Cancer. 

top 5 benefits of black pepper

Wait! this can’t be real. How is it possible? We know there are a lot of question that are continuously striking you. A recipe which contains a small amount of peppercorn can be used for preventing cancer.The truth is , yes it can prevent cancer. When you cook using peppercorn, it exerts some protective activity against many types of cancer. It does not let rectum take much stress and reduces the chances of colon cancer. piperine also was found to enhance the effectiveness of docetaxel, a chemotherapy medication used in the cancer of the prostate.




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