SEO is also known as Search engine optimization. If you are a blogger then i m sure you must have come across this term. The SEO is one main technique that is covered under the all main Digital Marketing courses. It is mostly used for generating organic traffic for your website or any particular blog. This optimizing technique also helps the search engine to discover, identify and rank your website on the search result page. These are some known benefits that help you and generally people are aware of it, along with this SEO provides some other and unbelievable perks that we might be unaware of. So keeping this in mind brings you a very new and fresh article on SEO and its benefits.

5 SEO helps you to target quality traffic.

SEO and its top 5 benefits.

It is considered as one of the best inbound marketing strategies moreover makes an add-on in the perks list. Earlier there were traditional marketing techniques which were an outbound strategy where we had to reach out to the audience and we ourselves had to find out whether they want the product or not?

Whereas SEO is an inbound method and it is totally opposite to traditional techniques. SEO makes easier for an audience to reach out according to their need. It is more of a consumer-centric approach.

4 SEO charges no money for advertisement.

SEO and its top 5 benefits

Google follows its own algorithm to rank sites in accordance with the searched keywords, which automatically helps the top-ranked website to get more than 90% of the visitors. Search engine optimaztion studies the Google’s algorithm in detail and helps the publisher to rank better on the search result. The question is does SEO charged any amount of money for this ? It automatically helped the site in advertising and promotions and didn’t charge a single penny.

3 SEO gets more visitors than paid promotion’s.


Well, there no clear-cut reason behind Why SEO sites get more clicks than PPC”s? But up to my knowledge again Google is a very trusted and known brand and people blindly trust Google whenever they have any specific query. The factors that Google takes into the consideration while listing is the reason behind that trust, searchers are aware of the difference between the paid and unpaid content. So researches have shown that SEO’s material gets 73% of the whole traffic when compared with the paid ads.

2 SEO can help in PR


SEO and PR two very different and separate topics but these very popular and different strategies can be combined and used together to maximize the results and the combination is examined and is considered very effective and efficient.

The biggest connection between the two lies in link building.

Earning links from reputable websites is the main component of any SEO strategy. This means that one of the biggest parts of an SEO’s professional job is to identify opportunities for placement or coverage on industry blogs, news publications, and other relevant sites.

And considering that a PR strategy revolves around getting prominent publications and influencers to talk about your company, this presents a huge opportunity.

1 It gives you an ahead mover advantage.

SEO and its top 5 benefits

All the IT experts and internet schools consider SEO to be a backbone of the all IT operating companies and sites. The best thing about the famous technique is it can actually help you to stay on no.1 even if you are no regular on your site and SEO’s strategy. 61% of the marketers believe that the reach of the product or site only increased when they effectively used the technique. Being on top is every individual, business, or company’s first priority. This can also be written as your competitors are already taking steps to be on the top. With this strategy, you can move ahead of all of your competitors.



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