English poems are some what different. The whole framework and background scenario can be explained in a single phrase that too in the beginning of all English poems. All these poems are one original piece of work and purely authentic. The topic today we are choosing is, Women. As an author personally, i just love this particular topic. The more i write, the more it makes me dive in the depth. I analysed the situation from a woman’s point of view, how actually they feel and look at the world. This poem is contribution to this website from one of the recent fans of writing and this website, Miss Anjali Singh. Yes this is for the first time that we have given some rest to the Official authors of this site, Still thanking the fan for the relief. Anyways coming to the point, for English poems lover it is a great piece of work and by not wasting anymore time, lets have a look at the poem.

English poems : Not the feminist

“It is a joyous choice though there is nothing more joyous than sisterhood of rebellious fun. I have always mainted that working for women with women is inspiring, nurturing and fulfilling. So i think i am a feminist.”   By : Ivy Josiah, Activist

Not the feminist. ( English Poems )


I grow up in the arm of nature,

Wisdom, Love, Praise, Approval everything was there,

Mine and Nature existence goes hand in hand.

Both grew up and we created a evolution to the mankind.

Differences were never there because we both gave birth to the future.

Today the need developed both being harmed, now we both can’t satisfy the high societies flesh needs,

Both being killed,

am at the better level of harm, i improved with my wounds,

i am questioned for being a feminist.

I am being asked, if there’s equality, then why more preferences?

Then why more respect?

Then why more space?

Answered to the the greatest evil, Stop your gestures towards my inequality,

I will be the first to give you respect and will be the first one to lower my space.

So who am i?

I am a Girl, a Women, a Mother, and a creator of the mankind.

Thank you!!!

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