English poems of love are some beautiful piece of artwork. These artwork can easily win somebody’s soul. English Poems craved with love and originality can make anyone fall in love. moreover when we use the word ” LOVE ” people can not relate it. Reason behind is that, either they do not understand the deep meaning or the author uses dramatic words instead of keeping it quite real and simple. The best love poems in english can b found aanywhere on the internet, but read the poem below and difference will┬ábe in front of you. Feel the depth of Love with this poem brought to you by the founder of www.beatyourneed.com, Mr. Akash Kumar. ” while i was framing the words for this poem i literally had tears in my eyes. I just have got one message for you all never ever take anyone who you love for granted, value the efforts they are putting to keep you by their side. You never know about life, its all about twist and turns so go ahead whether it be your mom or dad or someone else just hold their hand and tell them hiow much you love them. Take care of them cause when you will loose them you will be left with regrets and sorrow in your own hands. I am dedicating this poem to a very special person whom i dont i ll ever be able to thank enough, she is the only reason behind my success. The true angel of my life.

English poems : love poems that can win your heart

English Poems Section :



She came closer to me than usual,

” Love me a little slower ” she whispered,

As if the love i had for the most beautiful soul had limits,

like it could run out of my veins in a blink.

I could not let my eyes see anytghing, but her.

univerese already had put all its efforts in her,

cause she was one beautiful and only mesmerising angel.

But i could tell with every breathe of her,

How much fear she was carrying, inside of her.

I realized she had a terrible past,

She was broken.

As her body moved slowly along with mine,

I said ” Even when you are broken, i will marry every broken piece of yours, and i will always love you.



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